Mastering Leadership

Mastering Leadership - why conventional training does not cut it

Mastering Leadership, like any skill, requires practice.  But unlike many other skills, you cannot practice through quizzes or repetition because there is no definitive answer.  The answer will depend on the situation and even the latest digital learning tools cannot be customised to your unique personality.  

Mastering Leadership requires practice with real people, but even classroom role-plays feel artificial and contrived. Besides, we usually only get one go and that is not nearly enough to get the hang of it. But that is not all.  For aspiring leaders, perfecting workplace tasks does not improve leadership ability either.  They are totally different skillsets.  So despite the best intentions of L&D professionals trying to deliver 70-20-10 learning, aspiring leaders are still woefully ill prepared for leadership roles.

And to make matters worse, the demands on today's leader are increasing.  Gone are the days of managing through process and KPIs; today's workplace is dynamic and ambiguous.  Increasingly we need to work out what the objectives are rather than just meeting them.

Introducing a better approach for mastering leadership

Mastering Leadership takes a new approach to providing practical and authentic learning customised to the needs of each aspiring leader.

Real People

Mastering Leadership with real people

Aspiring leaders on our programme work with real people. This provide an authentic context for their own leadership development.

Digital Channels

Mastering Leadership through digital channels

We work through digital channels offering the flexibility to work from home or the office without having to travel.

Real Development Projects

Our participants progress real personal and corporate development programmes.   They learn the skills they will need to lead workplace projects.