Real People Skills through digital channels

Moving the dial on Talent Development

Talent Development can be a frustrating business.  The business need is blindingly obvious as numerous reports show how productivity and performance is linked to leadership.  And there are no shortage of programmes on offer, promising to transform your people, many of them highly rated by their delegates.  And yet...  

How many of them really move the dial on your corporate performance?  

How many have any lasting impact, beyond the excitement generated by the programme facilitators?


moving the dial in talent development

Diversity Through Digital Channels

You see the only real way to develop leadership skills is when your aspiring leaders experience leading for themselves. That "aha" moment when they realise what the trainer or e-learning module meant.  When the contextual vacuum of the classroom is replaced by a real person reacting to their leadership.  It is a truly memorable and highly impactful experience.

And that is what Grow Inspires is about.  We provide those a-ha moments that unlock the value from your training investment.  And it works because your aspiring leaders take real clients on real development journeys under the careful guidance of a highly experienced educator.  But unlike other community mentoring programmes, we take a keen interest in maximising what they learn along the way. We provide tools and techniques for them to try with their clients and group coaching sessions to reflect on why some approaches work better than others.  It is about context and authenticity not general theories.

Our mission at Grow Inspires is to help tomorrow's leaders develop their own authentic leadership style to inspire the agile teams in tomorrow's  increasingly dynamic workplace.   The ability to inspire innovation by engaging the creativity of their team and focus it on making a real impact on your customers challenges.  We firmly believe in measuring the impact and effectiveness of our interventions and improving as we learn.

Coaching through digital channels

Authenticity through Digital Channels - Really?

People love the convenience of digital channels.  Avoiding the cost and hassle of traveling is a huge boon, but can you learn people skills remotely? Of course you can.  These 2 are in a remote part of Bangladesh listening intently to their mentor in the UK.  They have turned their idea into hard cash over the course of the previous few months.  For their mentor, the realisation that people were hugely more motivated towards ideas they had a stake in came as a huge revelation.  And because he had encouraged them on their voyage of discovery, his confidence to delegate in future is hugely improved.  Although physically, they've never met, the bond of trust and empathy still runs deep.

And he's not alone another of our mentors noted her discovery that she needed to use different techniques to motivate in different cultures.  She had read about, but experiencing it first hand was so much more powerful.

About the founder

Grow Inspires combines the two things that I care most about in professional life, innovation and leadership development.  I first started teaching soft skills as a flying instructor (later Head of Training) in the Royal Navy.  Looking back,  leadership training was surprisingly enlightened  in the 90s public sector.  The value of Action learning and group problem-solving was well understood even then.  10 years with PA Consulting in innovation, coaching more junior consultants and implementing radically new ways of working fired me up for the many early morning flights.

It was the practical part of my executive coaching qualification that gave me the basis for Grow Inspires.  Working with Grow Movement to coach entrepreneurs in least developed countries through digital channels was my most challenging experience to date.  To influence somebody I had never met from a country I had never been to, to do something that did not come naturally to him, was an incredible experience.  Success required digging down into years of training and practical leadership skills and ultimately required finding a common context for shared problem solving.  This is a skill incredibly useful for leading innovation, managing change and employee engagement.  I was so taken by the experience, that I volunteered to become a trustee of Grow Movement and was later elected as Chairman, leading the charity through an incredible year of growth and awards.  I insisted on all of the trustees participating in the coaching programs.

It was these new found skills that secured election as Mentor of the Year in 2015 and election as a Fellow of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise in 2016





authentic leadership from award winning mentor
authentic leadership taught by Fellow of Institute of Entrepreneurs