Empowering agile leadership for authentic innovation


Leading innovation is not difficult in itself.  However, it requires a different style of leadership referred to as agile leadership. The thought process is unfamiliar to most.  It is a softer, more engaging way of working that relies more on inspiration than command.  Creativity also defies traditional project management practices because we cannot always define the end of the journey at the start.  Even harder for accountants, we measure its progress in a completely different way. Innovation accounting values insight over revenue because in fast paced markets, insight is the truest measure of competitive advantage.  My work as an expert witness to the Parliamentary Commission on the Future of Management in 2014, showed the yawning gap between many companies' desire for innovation and their ability to execute it.  Indeed a 2016 McKinsey survey had very similar findings.

Our mission at Grow Inspires is to help tomorrow's leaders develop their own authentic style of agile leadership.   The ability to inspire innovation by engaging the creativity of their team is highly valuable.  We do this through action learning because all of the evidence suggests that this is the only effective way to do it.  We firmly believe in measuring the impact and effectiveness of our interventions and improving as we learn.

agile leadership requires a different skill set
authentic leadership creates jobs


We support participants through a structured process to coach clients from very different cultural backgrounds to improve their business performance.  Using digital channels avoids the cost and hassle of traveling.  Logistically this makes things easier, but it makes influencing behaviour change that bit harder for the participant.   The program methodology has been improved from the original Grow Movement model with much more of a focus on the development of the participants.  This aspect was largely ignored by Grow Movement due to lack of resources.  Grow Inspires provides group coaching for participants and an optional Institute of Leadership and Management endorsed assessment and certificate.  The whole course has been designed to meet exacting ILM quality standards whether or not participants elect for the certificate.

About the founder

Grow Inspires combines the two things that I care most about in professional life, innovation and leadership development.  I first started teaching soft skills as a flying instructor (later Head of Training) in the Royal Navy.  Looking back,  leadership training was surprisingly enlightened  in the 90s public sector.  The value of Action learning and group problem-solving was well understood even then.  10 years with PA Consulting in innovation, coaching more junior consultants and implementing radically new ways of working fired me up for the many early morning flights.

It was the practical part of my executive coaching qualification that gave me the basis for Grow Inspires.  Working with Grow Movement to coach entrepreneurs in least developed countries through digital channels was my most challenging experience to date.  To influence somebody I had never met from a country I had never been to, to do something that did not come naturally to him, was an incredible experience.  Success required digging down into years of training and practical leadership skills and ultimately required finding a common context for shared problem solving.  This is a skill incredibly useful for leading innovation, managing change and employee engagement.  I was so taken by the experience, that I volunteered to become a trustee of Grow Movement and was later elected as Chairman, leading the charity through an incredible year of growth and awards.  I insisted on all of the trustees participating in the coaching programs.

It was these new found skills that secured election as Mentor of the Year in 2015 and election as a Fellow of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise in 2016





authentic leadership from award winning mentor
authentic leadership taught by Fellow of Institute of Entrepreneurs