Authentic leadership development programs

Authentic Leadership Development Programs - it's about YOU!

Learning about the traits of great leaders, situational leadership or "best practice" can only get you so far. Ultimately authentic leadership is about discovering what works for you.  Nobody can teach you that and nobody has written a book or developed a training course unless you have..

So the only way to learn what works for you is to try things out, develop your own style and then practice it until it becomes second nature. But you really need to practice on a fellow human being and ideally in a safe and supportive environment outside the workplace.  That is where we can help.

Quite simply, learning how to use a coaching approach to help other people to grow their businesses is the best way to develop your interpersonal skills; the ones that are so vital to successfully leading in today’s workplace. 

That is exactly what the Grow Inspires program is all about.  It provides the ultimate quadruple win:

  • Developing authentically innovative and inspiring leaders is a win for the company
  • Disseminating enterprise skills is a win for society
  • The positive impact both internally and outside is a win for Social Responsibility
  • For the individual, the experience can be quite literally life-changing

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The quadruple win of Grow Inspires authentic leadership development programs

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How Grow Movement inspired Grow Inspires

Award winning partners

First a bit of background…

Over the last 5 years, consultants working with the award winning charity Grow Movement have helped over 1000 entrepreneurs in African micro SMEs to grow their businesses substantially.  A carefully structured project delivered over digital channels including Skype, email and Whatsapp teaches and coaches clients simple business skills.  These include basic financial planning, marketing and how to delegate and manage other people.  Typically, 6 months after a project finished, clients would take on 2 new workers and grow their business by 1/3 as a direct result. 

Research teams from the London Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Chicago Booth Universities in the US have been so impressed by the results that they are completing a £1M study into how it achieves such impact.  This study is being funded by high profile International Aid agencies on both sides of the Atlantic.  I was chairman of Grow Movement before stepping down to concentrate on Grow Inspires.

Doing it for real teaches you so much more

But what has become apparent is just how much our consultants gain from the experience too.  For me the experience literally changed my life.  Many other participants tell us how they have grown professionally through the process -  more than many thought possible and far more than they learned from traditional leadership development programs.

You see we all know that people achieve more of their potential when motivated to change their behaviour.  In theory, shared problem-solving and developing a growth mind-set make sense.  And there is plenty of material that offers guidance.  But when confronted with actually doing it, what exactly do you do?  How do you share knowledge and experience with somebody who sees the world in a very different way?  How do you inspire performance without formal authority?

Well in practice it is a lot harder.  But doing it for real is exactly what we expect of the modern leader.  Human resources are expensive.  We pay them for their compliance, but it is their hearts and minds that really drive company performance.  And that is down to authentic leadership, the kind that comes naturally to effective leaders. They are not putting on an act that is increasingly difficult to maintain.