Welcome to your employability training page.  We have called the programme "Indispensable" because that is what you should become once you have completed it.  Ideally, you will become indispensable to your current employer, but if that doesn't work out, irresistible to a future employer.

The programme has 8 sessions containing videos lasting 5-10 minutes each and including resources such as worksheets, personality tests or links to useful information.  The worksheets are Google Docs format.  It was co-designed with a fellow Kickstart employee so we hope you find it engaging and useful. Accompanying the session are fortnightly peer mentoring sessions on Zoom in which we will share tips and tricks for coping with work or finding new roles and you can ask any questions that you want away from the workplace.  We encourage you to share experiences with others from different companies.  Zoom sessions take place at 4pm on Wednesday afternoons.

Please sign up below.   You should be redirected to the courses page where you can select Indispensable.  Note that by signing up you opt-in to our mailing list from which we will share details of Zoom meetings.  We will not pass on your details to anyone else without first asking you.  If you have cookies enabled, then they should remember your login details, but do please make a note of them just in case.