Welcome to Indispensable

Here is a quick summary of what to expect:

This course is all about how you can become indispensable to your current employer or irresistible to future employers.  Over 8 sessions each containing 5-10 minutes of video and 2-3 resources for you to take away and apply for yourself, we will cover topics relating to how you can reach your potential, be appreciated for what you can do and demonstrate to others why you are in fact indispensable.


Authentic Strengths

No idea where your future direction lies?  This first video gives you a few things to think about along with some resources to give you some inspiration about your authentic strengths.


Finding the Perfect Role

Building on your authentic strengths, we now look at how that translates into the role that best enables you to play your best game.  We introduce a Japanese tool called Ikigai to help you identify the perfect role for you.


Polishing social profiles

Armed with what your perfect role looks like, we now turn to how to get it.  We introduce how the informal job market can make the perfect role more accessible and how to use LinkedIn to become irresistible to employers


Bewitching the boss

There are things you can do to make time at work seem much easier.  It is not about skiving off, more about making what you do more valuable which in turn helps to make you indispensable.


Creative CVs

Does anyone even use CVs anymore?  Well, progressive firms don't for reasons we explain, but enough still do that you need to know how to create a compelling one.  This session covers exactly that.


Acing the interview

So now you get to meet your prospective employer, but don't be nervous.  It is more about fit than whether you are "good enough".  That said of course you still need to put your best foot forward and that is what we cover here.


Terrific Teams

It may surprise you to know that the effectiveness of teams is less about the individuals than the way they work together.  This session looks the dynamics for terrific team work and how to play your part


Becoming truly indispensable

Coming to the end of your funded placement?  Now is the time to really make the case for staying on, ideally with more hours, more money and more responsibility.  Here we cover creating a compelling justification to do so.

Things you should know:

The worksheets are Google Docs format.  It was co-designed with a fellow Kickstart employee so we hope you find it engaging and useful. Accompanying the session are fortnightly peer mentoring sessions on Zoom in which we will share tips and tricks for coping with work or finding new roles and you can ask any questions that you want away from the workplace.  We encourage you to share experiences with others from different companies.  Zoom sessions take place at 4pm on Thursday afternoons.

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